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What makes Authentic Thai food truly Authentic

As a matter of fact, there has never been a time when Americans ate more Thai food than they do today. All over the country, there are Thai restaurants popping up all over the place, in both big and small cities, in any part of the country. As a result of this, one might wonder whether Thai food prepared by Americans, by or for American people, will be as tasty as Thai food prepared by Thais in Thailand, if the food is being cooked by the Thais themselves.

When it comes to authentic Thai restaurants in the US that serve authentic Thai food, it is difficult to find one. In your favorite Thai restaurant in your neighborhood, do you find the same exact food that you would find in Bangkok if you went to the same restaurant in Bangkok? It may seem subjective to answer these questions, but if you have enough information available at your disposal, it is possible to answer them in a subjective way. This is a guide that will help you distinguish authentic Thai food from the fake ones that are available on the market today.

authentic thai food
Authentic Thai Food is delicious!

1. Portions

It is important to note that American portion sizes are enormous when compared to those found in Thailand, especially when it comes to meats and poultry. As a general rule, rice in the U.S. is served in much smaller quantities than it is in other countries around the world. The Thais consider a bigger serving of rice and a smaller serving of meat to be a healthier alternative in terms of their health when it comes to cooking.

2. Ingredients

One of the problems with American Thai food is the lack of Thai herbs and seasonings, which are customary in the country. The pungent, delicious herbs that are part of Thai cuisine, such as sweet basil, hot peppers, etc., provide healing properties that cannot be found in the “weak” flavorings that most American taste buds are used to. There is a slight difference between Thai basil and the normally seen green basil in America in the sense that Thai basil has purple stems and leaves that are much thicker than the green Italian basil which is normally seen in the American market. Moreover, it has a hint of cinnamon and mint in it.

3. Noodles

Noodles are one of the most famous dishes in Thailand and for good reason. You can easily find them in a wide range of dishes, from stir fries to soups to salads, and you can even find them in some sausages as well. The choice of noodle type will often be given to you when you request a noodle dish since certain noodles go better with specific dishes than others. As far as noodles are concerned, sen yai, sen lek, sen mee, sen bamee, and sen wun are some of the most popular styles. Sen yai, sen lek, and sen mee noodles all come in different sizes, and all are made with rice flour. The thickest one is the sen yai whereas the thinnest is the sen mee.

4. Flavor

The primary difference between Thai food made in America and Thai food made in Thailand, in the opinion of most people who have been accustomed to eating Thai food in Thailand, is that the American version lacks the complex blending of flavors around which Thai food is woven. Thai cuisine is generally characterized by its combination of sweet, salty, hot, creamy, and pungent flavors at the same time.

Experience Real Authentic Thai Flavor

These points may not make you into a food expert overnight, but they will certainly help you to distinguish authentic Thai food from a nonsensical dish presented with chopsticks, even if they might not make you a food expert. In addition to the chance to test your skills and experience the scrumptious flavors of Thai food, you will also have the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere which combines well-stocked ingredients, a mouthwatering Thai menu, and a fun Thai atmosphere.

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